Rewind is a retro-themed bar situated in Bangalore, India.

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city with a large population that speaks English fluently. There's no shortage of small pubs that predominantly play English rock anthems yet serve Indian food and snacks. Rewind formalises this as a theme and it is reflected in its branding and imagery — which is again Western and not Indian. 

The look and feel is time-worn and imagery moves back over decades past. The symbol in the identity unifies all design communication. Alongwith the identity, I designed the menus as well as marketing/promotional material keeping in line with the branding. A lot of the communication is conceptualised by me and occasionally, I provide content as well. In addition, I have helped with signage and visual graphics within the space. 

This is an ongoing project and I continue to work with the clients. 


Wall graphic at entrance


Posters, tent-cards and other print communication
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