Branding a retro-themed bar and restaurant.
Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city with a large population that speaks English fluently. There's no shortage of small pubs that predominantly play English classic rock anthems yet serve Indian food and snacks. Rewind is one such bar with 'retro' as a theme which is reflected in its branding and imagery.

The look and feel is time-worn and the pictures used are music, art and film icons from the past. The symbol in the identity (a stylised 'rewind' button) is overlaid across all communication. Along . with the identity, I designed the menus as well as marketing/promotional material keeping in line with the branding. A lot of the communication was conceptualised by me and occasionally, I provided content as well. In addition, I helped with signage and visual graphics within the space. 


Wall graphic at entrance


Posters, tent-cards and other print communication
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