Creating a fun new visual approach for a career exhibition at Wipro.
Wipro Limited is a leading global information technology company founded in Bangalore, India
While working at Ray+Keshavan | Brand Union, we regularly worked on projects for the Healthcare & Life Sciences (HLS) division of Wipro.

Career Carnival was an event conducted for people wishing to shift from the HLS team to other divisions. The event is held annually and although internal, there was scope to make it fun and interactive – to rethink how dull and impersonal these career exhibitions tend to be.

We themed it around a small-town carnival fair with tents and games and hand-crafted signage which made the event more personal. There were team activities, quizzes, interviews and discussions. The event was a success and the visual communication was very well received.


We also designed visual graphics at the event, one of which was a game (inspired by Chutes & Ladders) which was printed on the floor with the user as the game piece.

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