Designing a contemporary new look and feel for Tasveer’s Season 11 & 12 exhibitions, publications and communication.
Tasveer was established as the first pan-Indian gallery dedicated exclusively to photography. Tasveer represented a number of internationally renowned photographers, including some of the most iconic photographers in the history of the medium in South Asia.
Each year, Tasveer presented exhibitions that showcased South Asia’s rich visual culture, including fashion, fine art and heritage. The exhibitions were curated from work by upcoming and established photographers, as well as vintage and modern prints by past masters of the medium. Each of these exhibitions traveled across India as well as abroad (as part of Photo Fairs and Exhibitions). 
Tasveer also produced high-quality catalogues for every curated exhibition.

Poster and invite for Derry Moore's exhibition in NID

SEASON 11 & 12
A unifying system was created for all design collateral using the house font – Utopia – in combination with a strong, distinct colour representing each exhibition. These colours were chosen based on the subject and style of the exhibited work. Large text and brighter colours were selected to make Tasveer come across as young, bold and contemporary. The look was then extended across all visual communication for each exhibition. 

Emailers for Tasveer's Season 11 (Waswo X. Waswo, Serena Chopra, Karan Kapoor, Rohit Chawla and Mahesh Shantaram) and Season 12 (Bas Meeuws)

Poster and invite for Stuart Freedman's exhibition in NID


Tasveer emailers for various international Photo Fairs

Selected pages from a catalogue booklet accompanying works on display at AIPAD, New York

RESEARCH: Shilpa Vijayakrishnan
EXHIBITION MANAGEMENT: Sunando Chakraborty and Priya Latha
MARKETING: Anishaa Taraporvala
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