Creating a fun new social media app enabling users to chat in pictures.
Picpal was a live collage-chat app. The basic premise was simple. You take a photograph, invite up to three friends to join (they have up to 24 hours) and then the selfies are put together in a collage automatically. You could tap your photo to update it and have a conversation in pictures. 

Banner ad for the app
As there was nothing like it in the market, it was quite a challenge getting users to understand the app and how it worked. We reworked the UX and UI on a number of occasions according to user feedback while constantly keeping in mind users’ familiarity with other image apps like Snapchat, Instagram and to an extent, the social interaction of Facebook. We attempted to incorporate a few of those familiar interactions as well as tried to ease people into understanding our own app functionality. A number of features were tested before the app was in its final form. 
As consultant with Myndbee, I took over as UI designer for Picpal a few months into the project (with a brand overhaul and redesign of UI). I also made UX decisions along with the team. My involvement extended from branding, design of the app including the onboarding, right through to engagement online and offline.
Picpal was featured on Mashable and Refinery29. The app was available for iOS and Android.
Responsive Website

A looped animation I created in Keynote that was fine-tuned before being used as the launch screen.

One aspect of our marketing within the app as well as on social media (instagram and facebook) promotes user interaction in the form of highlighted themes and holidays.

Memes I conceptualised and created for the Indian market

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